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Organic Herbs, Plants and Natural Products

A place of rustic charms, simple delights and sensory pleasures.

Nestled in a tranquil valley, high up in the North Georgia mountains you will find The Herb Crib.  A location of peace, beauty and mystical charm. The Herb Crib provides a welcome escape from modern pressures and returns you to a place of rustic charms, simple delights and sensory pleasures.

The Herb Crib specializes in organically grown herbs. Owned and operated by Karin Rutishauser, Karin is the owner of The Herb Crib Nursery in Blairsville GA. She is member of the United Plant Savers and a member of the Native Plant Preservation Committee in Blairsville. 

The Herb Crib grows and sells a wide variety of organic herbs and flowers. In addition The Herb Crib also manufactures a range of natural products ranging from salves and balms to insect repellent, soaps, bath products and hand lotions.

Although a seasonal business The Herb Crib Online Store can be used throughout the year to purchase a wide range of natural products.

bath productsBath

From our herb garden to you, we offer herbal shampoo, moisturizing body wash, european spa salt, herbal bath tea and whipped sugar scrub.


body productsBody

A selection of our famous honey goat milk lotion, matching our roll on scent, lip balm,  herbal foot gel and  moisturizing facial cream.



herbal productsHerbal

Using our own bees wax we a have a variety of herbal salves including lavender, eucalyptus, comfrey and healing salve.

We create our own insect repellent lotion with our famous honey goat milk base, insect repellent spray and jewelweed spray.



soap productsSoaps

Hand milled  honey goat milk soap in different motifs and natural scents.


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